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10 Trends for Social Media in 2010 | motarme

A great presentation on 10 Trends for Social media this year from C. Edward Brice, brought to my attention by theB2BMarketingZone newsletter.  There are a lot of stand-out slides highlighting the move of budget to social marketing, the convergence in mobile internet access with the growth of social media and touching on topics like augmented reality and social gaming.  As mentioned in my last post, there are lots of implications for B2B marketers.  For example, if people begin moving most of their personal communications to Facebook and Twitter, what happens to email marketing as a way of reaching them?  If more people learn about products and services from social networks how does this effect search engine optimization and pay-per-click?  With the prediction that more people will access the internet from their mobile device than from laptops or PCs by 2013, how does this effect social media usage and general online habits?


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