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October, 2010 | motarme

White Paper: Generating demand for high-tech B2B products

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The way people buy high-tech, complex B2B products has changed dramatically in the past 5 years.  More of the initial buying process happens online, and more of it is controlled by the customer, not your sales team or marketing unit.  Buyers typically initiate their research online before launching a formal procurement process.  This means that by the time your sales staff meet a potential buyer face-to-face the buyer will have already visited your website, downloaded your product information, looked at competing vendor sites, checked your analyst ratings and studied your blog.   In this white paper we look at the characteristics of complex high tech B2B sales and marketing; we review how marketing has changed in the era of inbound digital marketing; and we outline how sales and marketing units at B2B technology firms should address the new environment.

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