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May, 2012 | motarme

Quick Tips To Improve Your Landing Pages

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A “landing” page is any page on your website where you are specifically sending visitors. When people first try online marketing they often direct traffic from their online campaigns to their home page. This is a mistake because there are too many distractions on most home pages – graphic panels, menu options, rolling banners – so the visitor wanders off without completing your desired action. Instead you should bring visitors from your Google ad or email campaign to a dedicated web page – the landing page – that is designed to encourage an action – for example, to get the visitor to register for a download or an online product demonstration.

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Digital Marketing for Startups

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Startup businesses need to get good at online marketing.  This is a set of slides I used for a one day seminar at National University of Ireland at Maynooth as part of the New Frontiers program.

Written by Michael White

Michael White is co-founder and Managing Director of Motarme, the Marketing Automation vendor. You can find him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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