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May, 2012 | motarme

Quick Tips To Improve Your Landing Pages

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Landing Page Layout

A “landing” page is any page on your web-site where you are specifically sending visitors. When people first try online marketing they often direct traffic from their online campaigns to their home page. This is a mistake because there are too many distractions on most home pages – graphic panels, menu options, rolling banners – so the visitor wanders off without completing your desired action.
Instead you should bring visitors from your Google ad or email campaign to a dedicated web page – the landing page – that is designed to encourage an action – for example, to get the visitor to register for a download or ‘buy now’. Read More

Digital Marketing for Startups

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Startup businesses need to get good at online marketing.  This is a set of slides I used for a one day seminar at National University of Ireland at Maynooth as part of the New Frontiers program.

Written by Michael White

Michael White is co-founder and Managing Director of Motarme, the Marketing Automation vendor. You can find him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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