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June, 2012 | motarme

What is A Content Strategy and Why Do You Need One

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Content Strategy

If you want to generate web traffic and generate sales leads online you need to generate content.   In this post I take a look at why you need content, what kinds of content you need and how you can use it to generate leads.

Why do you need content?

Well, with digital marketing you are trying to bring people to a location on the web  – usually your company website.  When your visitors arrive at your site you want them to take an action –  register for a service, purchase a product or submit some kind of sales enquiry.

You have four main options for driving people to your website – paid online advertising, search engine optimization, social media marketing and email marketing/outbound marketing.  All of these forms of online promotion are more effective if you have good content, and some of them won’t work without it.   Read More

Book Recommendations for Digital Marketing, Technology and Startups

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We have been asked to provide book recommendations a few times in the past couple of months, so I thought it would make a good blog post.  Here are is an initial list of books I think are useful relating to digital marketing, startups and technology. I have tried to structure the list into groups but  I think they’re all pretty good.

In addition to the recommendations below you should also have a look at this list of recommended reading from Harvard’s “Launching Technology Ventures” course, part of their MBA course — this has a great list of online resources, on topics ranging from business development through to hiring talent for start-ups.   And Hacker News has agreat book list here – lots of tech books but also a lot of more general business and marketing books too. If you know of any other good lists please let us know. Read More

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