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Business blogging tips | motarme

A good post at Self Publishing Helper on  Business Blogging Tips.  It provides great advice on setting out a schedule for writing posts, identifying potential topics and generating content.  The post also provides some tips on how to set up your blog on WordPress to increase your visibility.  We’ll have more on this later, but I think that in the near future company blogs will replace corporate web-sites as the main online presence for most organizations.  The reason is that blogs facilitate more immediate interaction with your prospective customers and you can maintain this conversation without needing technical skills or special systems.  You don’t have to wait for a web-master or an IT department to take your content and publish it, you can now do that yourself in realtime.  It’s also easy to copy and paste rich content from across the web into your blog, to accept and respond to comments, to register new blog subscribers.  What business benefit does this provide?  Well, it lets your prospective customers get a sense of what you’re like and what you know before they decide to do business with you.  And that can play a big part in having them choose you over someone they’re not so familiar with.  But to develop an audience of potential clients you have to provide interesting, valuable content on your blog on a regular basis to keep them coming back.


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