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How Motarme Helps Reduce Your Sales Costs

Motarme provides a software system for sales prospecting and sales lead generation for business-to-business companies.

Our system helps you plan and execute lead generation campaigns that target bigger, higher-value opportunities

One of the questions we are asked is “In the current climate, companies are trying to cut costs. How does Motarme help with that?”

Well, we help reduce costs in a number of ways.

Firstly, companies that previously relied on trade shows and in-person sales events are also looking at reallocating that budget in the current crisis because of travel bans and lockdowns.

Not only is it cheaper to work with us instead of spending money on trade shows, our solution is more effective at generating high quality sales leads.

Secondly, we act like a “virtual sales prospecting team” for our customers. In most cases it is cheaper to use us for lead generation than to hire 1 or 2 new members of the sales team who have to be trained and learn how to use various sales tools.

We also help you reduce costs by helping to reduce the time your sales team use on tedious tasks like scanning the web to find contact details.

Finally, we also help you focus your resources on your best targets, so money isn’t wasted on low-value opportunities – we help you focus on “the top of the pyramid”.

Focus your sales efforts on your best opportunities



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