Motarme provides dashboards and reports that monitor key indicators, such as web traffic and lead generation statistics.

The reports are divided into 4 groups:

  • Web traffic reports – charts showing overall traffic figures for a date range, the sources of that traffic and the main keywords bringing visitors to the website. This information is gathered through an integration to Google Analytics;
  • Lead generation – graphs and tables showing the number of leads generated in a date range, the quality of those leads, which landing pages generate leads and other information;
  • Lead Nurturing – reports showing how many leads are currently on automated nurture tracks, which nurturing emails were issued during the selected period, what the typical response rates to those emails are etc.;
  • Conversion – reports to monitor end-to-end conversion statistics, from the initial source of a web visitor, through to the landing page on which they registered, the nurture track they were on, the eventual lead score and the value of any sale. This “closed loop” reporting helps customers to identify which inputs (online promotion and landing pages) leads to the desired outputs (customers who convert to sales).

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