How do you generate more and better quality leads? The tools available include everything from email and Google pay-per-click advertising to direct mail and seminars. We use a four step process to help you plan your lead generation activities:

  • Review what you are selling – its’ benefits, pricing, why it is better than your competitors – the Value Proposition;
  • Understand your buyers – who they are, where they are, which organisations, what roles, what do they want;
  • Create ‘content’ – online information that your buyers will want such as buyer’s guides, research papers, case studies, industry surveys, ROI calculators;
  • Drive traffic to your company website using Google Pay-Per-Click, SEO, email, social media and PR.

We provide guidance for each initial step, from refining your value proposition through to preparing content.  We then automate the rest of your online lead generation, from driving web traffic to capturing contact details.

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