“Lead Nurturing” means setting up automated email follow-up with a sales lead over a period of weeks or months – this is also known as an ’email drip’ campaign.

Motarme lets you setup lead nurturing workflows specifying a sequence of emails and the relative delays between each email being sent.

For example, you can specify that a ‘thank you’ email would be sent on the day someone registered (day 0); then a white paper would be sent 2 weeks later (day 0 + 14); then a webinar invite would be sent 2 weeks after that (day 0 + 28).

Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing


At each point the follow-up nurture emails are offering additional content that is aimed specifically at the individual, their role, company and industry-type.

Motarme also lets you specify automated rules so that leads with certain characteristics are automatically allocated to a selected nurture track.

For example we could specify that leads that registered on a landing page focused on “financial services” clients would then be allocated to a special “Financial Services” nurture track of emails.

The system monitors whether leads open or click on nurture emails.  If they do, we automatically adjust their lead score to reflect their interest in the follow-up.

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