A “Lead Score” is a numeric indication of the value of a lead to a company.  A web visitor who comes from a target company, has a role that meets our profile and who has frequently visited, downloaded and responded to emails would generally get a high score.  Someone from a non target company with the wrong role or who has not demonstrated interest through additional visits or downloads would get a lower score.

Motarme lets you manually or automatically allocate a numeric lead score to a lead.  The score can be based on:

  • explicit information, such as their company name, geographic location and role, and
  • implicit behavioural information, such as their download history, frequency of web visits and record of opening emails.

For behavioural scoring, Motarme automatically increases and decreases a lead score over time based on actions such as responses to nurturer emails.

Lead Scoring

For automated lead scoring you can specify rules based on the lead’s location, the landing page they registered on and other parameters. For example, you could specify that all leads from a particular landing page should get a default score of “30”.

Create a new rule
Create a new rule

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