Building a list of relevant contacts at target companies is one of the first steps in a typical lead generation campaign. But for many companies, researching a list of target contacts is a headache.

Typically, the task is given to someone in sales. But often he or she has to fit this activity into their overall “day job”, which includes a lot of other sales activities like lead qualification, closing and account management. Lumping a mix of responsibilities together like this kills productivity.

Aaron Ross, author of the bestseller “Predictable Revenue” has written a great post on why prospecting should be separated out as its own activity (you can read the post here, “Why Sales People Shouldn’t Prospect“.)

One of his key recommendations to break the sales process into a sequence of activities using a production-line approach, with specialists tackling different functions.

Motarme can act as your specialist for list generation. We provide list research and contact verification for our B2B customers using a mixture of online sources and human reviewers. We generate lists that are

  • accurate i.e. a good match to your target profile
  • verified i.e. we validated email contact details so our bounce rate stays low

And we generate those lists quickly, and at volume, removing a headache for you and letting your sales people concentrate on higher value activities.