One of the great things about Marketing Automation is that you can measure your results – increases in web traffic, numbers of leads, and lead quality.  Along with our focus on online lead generation activities we also emphasise good analytics. You need to be able to monitor a range of metrics such as raw lead numbers, lead quality, lead per sales unit, along with specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as web visitor traffic, Google ad click-through rates and email campaign open rates.

Motarme offers out-of-the-box analytics that help you manage and improve your performance.  We also integrate with Google Analytics, Google Adwords and social media sites to provide a richer picture of what is driving your web traffic and lead generation.

Typically you will want to track which search terms, social network activity and referral sites are bringing in good quality traffic.  You also want to monitor which online ads produce leads that convert to sales.  And you will want to see how leads react to your ‘lead nurturing’ emails so you can improve those automated workflows over time.

Our consultants can help you define the metrics for measuring the performance of your marketing and sales programs.  We’ll show you how to automate the gathering of those metrics so you can display them in customised dashboards. And we can set up automated escalations or alerts when particular events occur.

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