Multi Touch Lead Generation is similar to Outbound Lead Generation but in addition to email uses additional “touches” to make contact with your prospects.

For a standard Multi Touch campaign we include online display and ‘re-targeting ads’ and LinkedIn text-ads and display ads. We can also include other touches via social media.

Multi Touch Lead Generation

Why Multi Touch?

  • Multi-Touch generates Higher Responses – prospects more likely to respond when they see you on multiple channels.
  • Multi-Touch LinkedIn Placement and Brand Awareness – having your brand promoted and associated with LinkedIn and high quality websites improves response rates; using re-targeting ads to display your brand on high quality websites also increases the perception of your company and solutions.
  • Number of Touches Relates to Success – overall increase in frequency and volume of touches increases the number of positive lead responses.
  • Highly Targeted – As with Outbound, you pick who you want to target at the beginning, and you can specify who to target with online ads – so all responses should match the target profile.
  • First step toward Account Based Marketing – Account Based Marketing is a fast-growing approach to enterprise sales prospecting. It uses all elements of Multi-Touch but is highly targeted at a narrower set of potential accounts. It also requires a higher level of customisation for each campaign step. Multi-Touch lets you ‘learn the ropes’ before committing to full ABM.