Outbound Email (or “Cold Email 2.0”) is a core tool for Outbound Lead Generation and an efficient way to target prospective customers. As your campaigns generate positive responses your team can then follow-up with phone calls, online demos and meetings. This is much more efficient than having a sales rep cold call contacts on a list, given the typically low response rates to cold phone calls Motarme runs your outbound email campaigns as an outsourced service, using our own web-based software to automate the sequences.

For a standard campaign we

  • Generate your target lists of contacts, matching a profile you define
  • Write the text for your email sequence, based on best practice
  • Automatically send those emails to the target lists at the right time
  • Forward all campaign responses to you in real time
  • Remove any contacts from the list who responds positively or negatively so they don’t get sent additional emails
  • Generate a weekly report showing your campaign statistics and recommending improvements.