Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are an effective way to generate leads for B2B software, technology, engineering, industrial and services companies .  Motarme provides PPC consultancy services to help our clients set-up and manage their online ad campaigns.

We help you define the campaign settings, select the most effective keywords, write your ad text, design your display ads and bring visitors to relevant content on your site.

The first step is to choose keywords that attract good volumes of online search queries and are relevant to your business. Next you need to design and write an effective ad that makes visitors want to click through to your website.   Finally, once someone has clicked on your ad, you should bring them to a page of relevant content on your site (the ‘landing page’) with a clear ‘call to action’ on it that will drive the visitor to take your desired action.  Over time you also have to manage your keyword settings to optimize the number of clicks you can generate for your budget.

Motarme’s consultants can help you at each step as you build your online lead generation funnel.

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