Sales Prospecting is the process of finding and making contact with potential customers.

Businesses need to prospect on an ongoing basis so they can keep adding new names to their sales funnel.

Motarme can help you by finding the right people and making contact with them on your behalf to find companies that might be interested in doing business with you.

Sales Prospecting

Defining Your Target

Before you start prospecting you need to decide who you want to look for. The standard questions include:

  • What sectors do you want to target e.g. Financial Services, Food Processing, Automotive, Healthcare etc.
  • What geographies/territories do you want to target? Do you want to focus on specific cities or regions, do you want to focus on Europe or North America?
  • What size of company do you want? Can you categorize them by staff size, or revenue numbers, or number of sites, or some other measurement?
  • What kinds of company do you want to target? For example, do they use a particular type of technology? Are they early adopters? Are there other characteristics that help identify them?
  • What roles do you want to target at those companies? For example, Head of Engineering or Business Analyst or Marketing Director?

Building a Target List

  • Once you have defined your targets the next step is to build a list of people who match that profile.
  • Motarme can help you find those contacts quickly and accurately.

Preparing Your Sales Message

  • Before reaching out to the new contacts you need to define your message.
  • What is the best way to pitch your product or service to these cold contacts?
  • Motarme‚Äôs team helps draft the initial outreach communications based on your existing sales materials our knowledge of what does and does not work. We pass this draft sequence to you for review.


  • When you have built your list, the next step is to make contact with those targets.
  • You can do this via email, or using online ads, or using social media (among other options) before connecting with positive targets via the phone.
  • Motarme can automate this outreach process for you so that it is executed systematically, week-by-week, on your behalf.

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