When people want to buy something the first place they look is the web, whether they’re looking for a book, a car or a software system. You want to ensure that when someone searches for your product or service, they find you first. And when they do find you, you want to ensure they engage with so you can start a conversation that should result in a sale.

Web Marketing Strategy

Motarme consultants use a well-defined approach to help you develop a Web Marketing Strategy. We can also help you execute that strategy. The basis of our approach is to ask some simple questions that help clarify your current marketing capacity, your goals and the steps needed to achieve those goals:

  • What are your objectives – what are your targets for sales, revenue, lead generation, awareness?
  • What are you selling – what is your value proposition?
  • Who are you selling to – who are your target buyers?
  • Who else do you compete with – how do you match up against competitors?
  • Where can you reach your customers – what are the best channels to make contact with your target buyers?

By answering these questions we can develop a focused, budgeted marketing strategy. We break the strategy into actionable steps over weeks, months and quarters so you can start making progress straight away. And we identify useful metrics – the key numbers to monitor – so you can track your performance, identify problems and keep your execution on course.