What is Product Market Fit?

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The secret to business success is easy to describe and hard to get right:

  1. Make something people want
  2. Sell it to them
What is Product Market Fit?

What is Product Market Fit?

Or as Peter Drucker said “the aim of Marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself”. Read More

Technology Startup Marketing

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A quick overview of why web marketing is critical for promoting technology products, for both B2C and B2B products and across all industry sectors. 24 hours a day, some of your potential customers will be looking online for your type of product or service. If they don’t find you they’ll find a competitor. This is a presentation we gave to campus-based companies for the Ignite Technology Transfer Office at the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG).

DohertyWhite Marketing for Technology Companies from DohertyWhite

How to Select a Target Market for New Product Launch

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We work with a lot of technology start-ups.  Pretty often these start-ups are looking at launching a new product into a new market – one in which they don’t have previous experience of selling their technology.  Sometimes it is not obvious which market to go for first, particularly if the product can potentially be used in a number of sectors.

So, we usually have these questions to answer:

  • Why can’t I market the product to all potential buyers?
  • Which market should I choose first?
  • How do I promote my product in that market?

In this post we look at why you should pick a first target sector, how you pick that sector, and then how you can promote your product.  We’ll be using some ideas from the technology marketing classic “Crossing the Chasm” and combining them with digital marketing tools to quickly identify the sectors with the best fit.

Read More

What is Agile Marketing?

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In software the term “Agile” with a Capital A has a particular meaning, not simply that you’re fleet-footed and flexible. Since 2001 the Agile Movement has been promoting a set of principles and techniques to improve the success rate in delivering software. The Lean Startup movement, driven by Eric Ries, has also promoted the use of Agile and Lean Manufacturing techniques in other areas of business. There is now growing interest in applying these techniques to Marketing. The potential benefits include faster delivery speeds, better outputs, less wasted effort, weight loss and improved concentration (… sorry, those last two were thrown in to make sure you’re paying attention). Read More

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