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Using photos to boost press coverage

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Good photographic images boost press coverage.  If you’re preparing news releases for online distribution you can use images that aren’t too highly polished, and they’re fine for your blog and social network pages (check out our free guide to PR and online PR  to learn more about online news releases).  However, when you’re submitting PR to traditional media you need to use professional, well composed images.  Here’s  a great post by Adrian Weckler of the Sunday Business Post on what constitutes a good photograph from a features journalist point of view.

Photography can have a huge impact on the amount of coverage you get. Our advice would be to aim to have good photographs for at least half of your news releases.  It may not always be possible to organize a high-quality photograph for some releases (e.g. where you need to obtain a photograph at short notice of a customer who is unavailable), but you should commit to generating good images on a regular basis.   And make sure you have up-to-date photos of your senior staff and your company’s offices on hand, taking note of Adrian Weckler’s advice on avoiding the most clichéd poses.

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