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How to use PR to promote your business

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Motarme– Quick Guide to PR

For some companies, particularly B2B and technology companies, PR is considered a little frivolous – a ‘would like’ rather than a ‘must have’. We advise anyone who thinks that way to think again. PR should be a key element in any sales and marketing program for companies involved in high-technology, complex B2B sales. Why is it such a big deal? Well, it can be one of the most effective ways to communicate with a target audience – they tend to take greater notice of news and press articles than standard advertising messages. It can also be a relatively low-cost way of raising awareness of your company and what you do. And today PR also plays a key role in improving your online visibility and improving your search ranking.

Given that it’s so important, why aren’t more B2B companies aware of its effectiveness? I think this is partly due to companies deciding that local or regional press coverage won’t provide much value. But PR doesn’t mean trying to get the CEO’s photograph in your local newspaper. It means thinking about who your target audiences are, identifying what they read and where they look for information about their industry and business. Once you know that, your job is to focus your PR activities on the media your customers use in their jobs, both online and offline.

Below is a short 8-page guide to PR which we think business managers will find useful. It discusses the value of PR and its impact on search marketing, before describing how you can develop and execute a PR program, including advice on writing and distributing a press release.

Motarme – Quick Guide to PR

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Using photos to boost press coverage

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Good photographic images boost press coverage.  If you’re preparing news releases for online distribution you can use images that aren’t too highly polished, and they’re fine for your blog and social network pages (check out our free guide to PR and online PR  to learn more about online news releases).  However, when you’re submitting PR to traditional media you need to use professional, well composed images.  Here’s  a great post by Adrian Weckler of the Sunday Business Post on what constitutes a good photograph from a features journalist point of view.

Photography can have a huge impact on the amount of coverage you get. Our advice would be to aim to have good photographs for at least half of your news releases.  It may not always be possible to organize a high-quality photograph for some releases (e.g. where you need to obtain a photograph at short notice of a customer who is unavailable), but you should commit to generating good images on a regular basis.   And make sure you have up-to-date photos of your senior staff and your company’s offices on hand, taking note of Adrian Weckler’s advice on avoiding the most clichéd poses.

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