How it works

B2B Lead Generation

1. Define Who You Want to Target

You tell us who you’d like to sell to – what industries, what size of a company, what kind of role you want to target.

Outbound Lead Generation

2. We Find and Verify Prospects

We generate a list of prospects that match your profile. You review to make sure they are on target. We only contact people you’ve approved.

Multi Touch Lead Generation

3. Prepare Your Messaging

We write your outbound email sequences for you to review and approve. We also design your online Ads if you want an “Account-Based Marketing” campaign.

Account Based Marketing

4. We Run Your Campaign

We send emails and follow-ups for you. Responses go straight to your inbox. We monitor and update online re-targeting ads. And we send you regular progress and suggested improvements.

Sales Prospecting

What We Do

  • Companies need sales leads.
  • We generate sales leads that convert to sales.
  • We provide this as an outsourced service.
  • We act as a virtual “Sales Prospecting Team” for you.
  • We use a mixture of our own and 3rd party technologies to deliver the best results.
  • We only work with Business-to-Business tech, services and industrial companies.
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Account Based Marketing

  • Account Based Marketing (ABM) means choosing the accounts you most want to target.
  • Then we build a campaign for you focused on people at those accounts.
  • The campaign is tailored for each target company on your list. For example, messages are personalised for each individual recipient.
  • ABM uses multiple tactics in a coordinated campaign – email, social media, online ads and re-targeting.
Account Based Marketing
Multi Touch Lead Generation

Multi Touch Lead Generation

As with Outbound, you tell us the profile of your ideal customer. We find customers who match that profile and make contact with them on your behalf.

But with Multi Touch we use multiple tactics to target those contacts – including email, social media, display ads and targeting ads. Multi-Touch campaigns provide a first step toward full Account Based Marketing.




SoftwareSoftware / SaaS and startups

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ServicesConsulting, IT Services, Professional Services, Business Services

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IndustrialTechnology, Manufacturing, Engineering, Plastics

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